Handbook of Laser Tech. and Applns [Vol 1 - Principles] by C. Webb, J. Jones

By C. Webb, J. Jones

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Insert the Bird 43P between a reliable CW signal source and a 50 ohm load. 4. Insert an element with the appropriate power and frequency range into the Bird 43P. Turn it to read forward power. 5. Set the wattmeter to CW mode (LED off). 6. Turn on the signal source and adjust the source power to give a stable reading in the upper half of the wattmeter’s scale. 7. Switch the wattmeter to PEAK mode (LED on). 8. Adjust the potentiometer (R9) until the PEAK reading is the same as the CW reading. 9. Replace the back cover.

28 Maintenance If the RF line section seems dirty, do not loosen any connections. Clean accessible components as described above and use dry, clean air to blow out the interior. The outside of the meter housing can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Do not wipe the meter glass with a dry cloth, or a static charge could develop that would cause an erroneous meter indication. Contact Adjustment When cleaning the socket bore, do not disturb the spring finger of the dc contact.

The sampler cable (RG-58/U) center conductor is soldered to the probe’s rear stub. The cable is secured to the side sleeve of the probe with the same screw used in the dc connector plug assembly, P/N 7500-076. It may be removed by unscrewing the 3/8 hex screw, unsoldering the lead tip and pulling out the cable. The probe assembly is formed into the socket and is not replaceable. 9. Replace by carefully reversing the above procedures.  NOTE: When inserting the control bushing, be sure the alignment pin is properly positioned.

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